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Maximise communication with Microsoft Teams


Explore the Teams platform and bring your colleagues together with an all-in-one application. Understand all elements with a step-to-step online guide on MS Teams

Living in a shrinking world

Maximise use of video calls and understand how to reach your full potential whilst working remotely

We offer a large portfolio of interactive online courses, from Wellbeing, Health & Safety to Business Skills and IT Training in Microsoft 365, Windows and Cyber Security.
Whatever your learning objectives, at Barefoot we have solutions to meet your organisation’s goals.

Business Skills

Learning materials include Social Media, Managing Process and Sales Skills. These courses have been designed to help you and your teams keep their skills relevant and up to date in an ever-changing environment. Build your business skills from home as a remote worker – with a range of courses from GDPR to tips on how to protect your data, these accredited skills will prepare you for the world of Business.

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Two young children at school


Up-skilll with our continuing professional development online courses designed for Senior Management, Teachers and Site Management. Course materials include Person Centred Care and Workplace Safety.

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Health & Safety

We offer over 60 accredited Health & Safety courses including Asbestos & Respiratory Awareness, Workplace Safety, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding People and Social Care. Our Health & Safety courses will enable you to understand the full responsibilities that arise in a workplace. These beneficial skills will help build confidence in how to deal with difficult situations. With remote working being the new norm, new Health and Safety issues will arise. Learn how to be aware of all situations which can put you or others at risk when working from home.

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IT Learning

Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Cyber Security titles are all included in a portfolio of over 90 courses, where reports are generated from the easy-to-use Administrator Dashboard. Designed by MVPs (Microsoft Valued Professionals) these courses can be customised into tailored learning pathways and provide the key skills needed in the world of cloud computing for the remote worker. 

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