Train your teams with the right skills

We offer over 250 online courses in IT and Soft Skills, including
Microsoft 365 and Compliance courses.

Helping businesses with Digital Transformation and AI strategies

Stay ahead of the curve by enhancing your teams’ productivity, communication and problem-solving abilities. Unlock new opportunities in the digital age

Master Skills, One Bite at a Time!

Boost Your Knowledge with Our Microlearning Courses. Short, Engaging, and Highly Effective Lessons for Busy Professionals. Learn on the Go, Anytime, Anywhere.

Empower Your Business with Digital Skills!

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our Cutting-Edge Digital Skills Courses for Businesses. Enhance Your Team’s Productivity, Communication, and Problem-solving Abilities. Unlock New Opportunities in the Digital Age.

Increase productivity through the power of learning

We bring together the best of video-based micro learning and Virtual Instructor led training, delivered through an all-in-one cloud-based platform, designed to scale from medium sized to enterprise organisations.

Our platform

Our platform gives you access to our Digital Skills and Cyber content which includes the complete Microsoft suite of Office courses, and can seamlessly manage, track, and assign content. It also includes all the tools you need to upload your own video-based content, PDFs and documents, and curate your own learning pathways, all in one place.

Who we are

We help organisations maximise investment in their greatest asset: their workforce

We specialise in identifying and nuturing their potential through comprehense skills assessments, bespoke learning and development strategies.

What we do

Our mission is to transform organisations by up-skilling employee capabilities and by preparing individuals for the workplace.

With us, your team will thrive, driving your business towards great success.

Upskilling Employees

We collaborate closely with each client to identify their workforce skills needs and design a learning strategy to achieve their goals

Route to employment: Adult Education & Virtual Schools

We help organisations to deliver learning strategies to make individuals job-ready

Artificial Intelligence upskilling strategies

Helping organisations distribute knowledge about AI across their business, discovering strategies to include Artificial Intelligence in their daily tasks.

Crafting your path to excellence

Personalised learning journeys for
every organisation

Using our comprehensive talent enhancement platform, our solution empowers corporations across the globe to deliver effective training, maximising human capital and accelerating organisational growth.

Our process begins with a deep dive into your organisation’s unique needs. By analysing your team’s current skillset and aligning it with your business goals, we create a tailored learning strategy designed to close the skill gap and promote continuous development.

Leveraging the features of our eLearning platform, we offer customisable micro-learning courses, such as Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere. Our innovative learning tools, including gamification and podcasts, ensure engagement and efficiency, enabling your employees to learn new skills quicker and more enjoyably.

Bespoke courses

In addition to our extensive suite of IT and soft skills microlearning courses, our team can create bespoke courses tailored exactly to your needs. We can develop microlearning courses on specific subject areas based on your needs of the course. If this sounds interesting, just get in touch!


Video-based microlearning that provides flexibility and learning on the go. Bite-sized modules will engage your employees and help the learning stick.

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Virtual Instructor Led Training

With our Virtual Instructor Led Training, your staff can interact in real time with the instructor and classmates.

Bespoke training

We deliver bespoke solutions to make sure that your staff are learning the right skills for their job.

Our intuitive and powerful IT learning platform allows you to curate your own learning pathway, assign and track an individual’s training via the Administrator dashboard and you can even log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials.
So you can get all the information you need at a time that suits you.

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What our clients say


"Without the support of Robin and his team at Barefoot, we would not have been able to support learnings with improving their IT Skills and achieving a 99% success rate in the last year."

- Digital Transformation Programme Manager



"Barefoot have helped us design and implement bespoke courses to meet the needs and demands of the Adult Education market in an incredibly timely manner."

- Employment and Support Team Manager



"Administration is straightforward and both staff and learners find the platform easy to navigate. Not only are the courses broken down into short and engaging units, but they are also very relevant in today's ever changing world." 

- Education Advisor, Virtual Schools for Children look after & previously looked after

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