Windows 10

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Course Overview

Learn about latest user interface changes, features and security improvements for various Windows applications.

From simple sign-in options for Foundations to learning about advanced operating systems, we are offering you Windows tricks of the trade directly from Microsoft developers of the Windows OS.

This Microsoft Windows Bundle covers 18 courses with over 7 hours of learning time, which you can customise with unique learning paths curated specially for your Business.

Course Content

The Windows 10 bundle covers 18 courses spanning 7 hours of learning time.

  1. Windows 10 New Features
  2. Windows 10 Foundations
  3. Windows 10 Essentials
  4. Windows 10 Power Users
  5. Windows 10 Administration
  6. Microsoft Edge
  7. Microsoft Surface
  8. Windows 10 Creators Update
  9. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  10. Windows 10 April 2018 Update