Internet and Social Media Marketing Training

Our SEO and Social media training courses are a great way for digital marketing teams of all sizes to develop their skillset.

Our fully accredited courses give you the confidence to start your social media strategies or to commission third parties to work for you.

The courses, which comprise video-based online learning, can be taken either at home or work, at a time that suits you. Social media is now so vital to many successful businesses that it is often the only form of lead generation.

Not only can it help attract new customers, it enhances customer engagement, allowing customers to dip into your brand when they choose or engage with it directly.

Internet and Social Media

Buy our Internet and Social Media Bundle (includes 5 courses) £199.00, $260.00 USD

Facebook for Business

£49.00 (ex VAT)
$65.00 USD (ex Sales Tax)

Linkedin for Business

£49.00 (ex VAT)
$65.00 USD (ex Sales Tax)