Outlook on the web

This course is included in our Digital Communication Skills suite, which is designed to help your teams communicate effectively and efficiently within your business and with your customers.

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Course Content

This course has 15 lessons spanning 1 hours and 6 minutes

  1. Getting Started with Outlook on the Web
  2. Creating a message
  3. Setting up an email signature
  4. Working with attachments
  5. Forwarding and replying to messages
  6. Deleting and recovering messages
  7. Printing messages and attachments
  8. Using folders
  9. Searching for messages
  10. Using junk, focused and filter
  11. Organising the inbox
  12. Using categories
  13. Creating a rule
  14. Setting up automatic replies
  15. Changing settings

Course Description

In this course, Outlook on the Web, business professionals are introduced to the Office 365 Outlook Web Application (OWA).

Learn how to send and organize email, manage contacts, create appointments, and tasks from anywhere.