Microsoft Copilot Preview

This course is included in our AI suite which is designed to help you get started and familiarised with some of the emerging generative AI tools.

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Course Content

This course has 20 lessons spanning 48 minutes

  1. Getting started
  2. Giving system commands
  3. Improving grammar
  4. Quickly generating content
  5. Summarising content
  6. Rewriting content
  7. Simplifying Copilot reposonses
  8. Acting in a role
  9. Utilising tables
  10. Refining your prompts
  11. Obtaining creative writing
  12. Working with complex prompts
  13. Generating prompts for marketing
  14. Generating prompts for project managers
  15. Generating prompts for analytics
  16. Generating prompts for email campaigns
  17. Generating prompts for designers
  18. Generating prompts for small businesses
  19. Generating prompts for copywriting
  20. Generating prompts for Human Resources

Course description

In this course, Copilot Preview, you will learn how to make use of your copilot for work.

This preview will show you some of the many ways Microsoft Copilot can help you perform tasks faster using AI.