Project Online Essentials

This course is included in our Organisational Management suite, which is designed to give Project Managers, organisers and administrators the skills they need to manage projects, people and workflows within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Course Content

This course has 29 lessons spanning 1 hour 49 minutes

  1. What is Project Online
  2. Interface – task & ribbons tab
  3. Interface – project tab
  4. Create a project
  5. Add tasks
  6. Insert & delete tasks
  7. Undo & redo actions
  8. Making tasks easier to view
  9. Link tasks
  10. Enter task progress
  11. Publishing the plan
  12. Integrating with Project Professional
  13. Work with the timeline
  14. Using views
  15. Using filters
  16. Using grouping
  17. Add resources
  18. Assign resources to the project
  19. Assign resources to the task
  20. Edit resources
  21. View resource assignments
  22. View resrouce capacity planning
  23. Resource engagements
  24. Work with the baseline
  25. Export to excel

Course Description

In this course, Project Online Essentials, you will learn how to work with Microsoft’s powerful online project management solution.

You will learn how to navigate the interface, add and manage tasks and progress, assign resources to projects and much more.