Achieve Food Hygiene Rating Level 5

Insititute of Hospitality, & CPD Approved

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Course Overview

In December 2008 the Food Standards Agency agreed a National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. It is now running in all areas of Wales, Northern Ireland and in 99% of England.

In practice the rating scheme is designed to ensure that businesses that are broadly compliant with food law and are managing food safety risks will receive a rating of three … and those who are managing the risk well will receive a rating of four or five. However, significant lapses in any of the scoring criteria can also have a significant effect on the rating.

This course is intended to give you an overview of how the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme works, what the scoring criteria are and how these are assessed by the inspectors, the appeals process, the Safer Food Better Business management system, E-Coli and concludes with some practical advice for ensuring your premises gets the best score possible.

Course Content

This course has a required passrate of 70% and a duration of at least 50 minutes.

  1. Food Hygiene Ratings – An Introduction
  2. Scoring Criteria
  3. Appeals
  4. Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)
  5. E.Coli
  6. Good Hygiene Structure and Cleaning

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Broadband download speed of at least 3Mbps