Asbestos and Respiratory

Anyone in construction, building maintenance or renovation is highly likely to come across asbestos and it is vital to be fully aware of all legal requirements during any such work.

Our fully accredited Asbestos and Respiratory courses help line-managers, as well as individuals, protect themselves as well as their colleagues and clients. They will help you identify and assess the risks and understand how to proceed safely.

Watch our Asbestos Awareness introductory video and if you would like to find out, more you can contact us anytime or take a free trial.

Asbestos and Respiratory bundle

Buy the bundle (includes 4 courses) £93.00, $112.00 USD

Asbestos Awareness for Architects & Designers

£29.00, $35.00 USD

Basic Legionella Management

£29.00, $35.00 USD

Asbestos Awareness

£29.00, $35.00 USD

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

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