Our Climate Pledge

Barefoot elearning is committed to a net zero carbon footprint. The actions we are taking, combined with the benefits of delivering elearning, enable us to achieve the following:

  • Online learning avoids use of property space, light and heat, travel.
  • Online learning means paperless learning content.
  • Home Office avoids use of property space, light and heat, travel.
  • No company car policy, use of bicycles, walking or public transport.
  • Cloud based services include online accounting and auditing.
  • Home offices use LED lights and insulated office space.

Climate Essentials

To help us achieve our targets, we have joined the Climate Essentials programme which enables organisations such as Barefoot elearning to understand their carbon footprint and manage their emissions.

This data provides the carbon analytics of businesses broken down by industry, size and location, and reduction tactics to target net-zero campaigns, incentives, and initiatives.

Meet the team

Robin Adda


Robin has founded three successful businesses in the IT technology and learning sector.

His focus is elearning, with strong global contacts in the education sector; he is a relationship builder, linguist and networker. 

Fanni Feher

Social media and Business Development

Fanni has been working in the marketing industry for a number of years. With a degree in Marketing she brings a refreshing angle to the Barefoot eLearning marketing.

Fanni has an eye for design and is social media savvy.

Cassio Möllmann Dal Cortivo

New Business Consultant

From his background as a successful international entrepreneur, Cassio brings to Barefoot eLearning his extensive experience in managing client relationships and business development.

Now studying for an MSc in Digital Business, he adds a tech-business perspective to the company’s technology-based learning operation.

Chris Vernon-Smith

Technical & Creative Consultant

Chris has extensive experience in digital creative production across design, development and content.

He has worked with large London agencies on numerous global brands for film, TV, retail and automotive.