Developing skills for remote working

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Course Overview

This module describes what is meant by remote working including advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and challenges; it outlines the need to be able to work independently, and explains the principles of self-motivation.

It also shows the importance of individual and team goals for a remote worker, as well as identifying the types of communication skills required to work remotely, identifying team members to assist in achieving team goals, what resources are needed to complete tasks, the decisions needed to be able to complete a task and outline the requirements for completing tasks.

Lastly, it reviews task outcomes to make sure they meet the required objective, and identifies ways to make any improvements in future tasks.

Course Content

This course comprises of 5 modules, 27 lessons

  1. Course Introduction, 4 lessons
  2. Computers and Display screens, 11 lessons
  3. Training Online and Virtually, 1 lesson
  4. Lone working, 8 lessons
  5. Working while travelling, 3 lessons