Effective communication using remote systems

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Course Overview

This module lists the types of remote communication tools to be used during remote working, such as equipment and software, and illustrates how these may be optimised for a given remote workspace, identifying the most appropriate communication tool for a specifc task.

It demonstrates how to set up a designated work-space environment for remote working in order to promote effective working in a comfortable and safe way, outlining the importance of staying connected with colleagues; It also articulates how and why, it may be necessary to seek support if issues arise when working remotely as well as describing the importance of maintaining a healthy time management system, identifying why morale can be an issue whilst working remotely.

This module shows you how to work safely by following remote working guidelines, identifying ways to minimise physical stress during remote working. Finally, it teaches you how to keep information secure during remote working following company policies where available when working remotely.

Course Content

This course comprises of 3 modules, 32 lessons

  1. Communication, 7 lesssons
  2. Video Meetings, 13 lessons
  3. Keeping Data Secure, 12 lessons