Essential Digital Skills Qualifications

What is Essential Digital Skills?

The Essential Digital Skills framework specifies the digital skills that people require to benefit from, participate in, and contribute to the digital environment in a secure manner.

Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQ) will be automatically funded for 16-19 year olds, and 19+ year-olds (employed and unemployed) who don’t have the basic digital skills they need for life and work.

Who is it for?

Learners with limited or no digital skills will benefit from having access to a fully funded up-to-date qualification that reflects the changing digital world.


Entry Level

Created for people who have no or limited prior familiarity with digital devices or the internet

Level 1

Aimed at people who have some familarity with digital devices and the internet but lack fundamental secure digital skills

What does the Qualification cover?

Unit 1: Using devices and handling information

In this Unit, we will give learners a base understanding of the different parts of a computer or smartphone. Furthermore students will learn how to obtain and store information on their devices and solve minor technical issues.

Unit 2: Creating and Editing

This skills area covers the basics of creating and editing documents and later touches on how to edit or modify digital media such as imagery or videos.

Unit 3: Communicating

In today’s society, online communication is a main pillar of the everyday work environment. In this Unit, students will learn about different types of digital communication such as emails or video calls.

Unit 4: Transacting

Shopping online is something many of us do every day. In this Unit, students will learn about all the necessary elements one needs to complete an online transaction.

Unit 5: Being safe and responsible online

In this last Unit we will teach students on how to safely use the internet, protect their data and privacy, behave responsibly while engaging with others online and possible risks of different online activities.

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