Cyber Security

Cyber Security threats are now a constant in our lives, both personally and in business and those threats are constantly evolving

Our Cyber Awareness course includes different modules that will teach your employees how to be safe online, protect their data and be aware of the risk of cyber attacks.

From the basics such as creating strong passwords and being aware of phishing attacks through to exploiting the Microsoft 365 Attack Simluator, our range of courses will quickly get your teams up to speed.

Cyber Security Essentials

This suite of Cyber Security suite contains 66 lessons covering the fundamentals of safe practice from both a personal and business perspective, from just for £59.00, per user license. See our pricing here.

Holistic security for end users

12 lessons

Security "what if..." scenarios

21 lessons

Cyber Security for small businesses

7 lessons

Awareness fundamentals

12 lessons

Security awareness training

9 lessons

Protect individuals and your organisation

5 lessons

Cyber Security Advanced

This suite of courses contains 32 lessons looking at issues in greater depth and how to prepare for attacks, from just for £59.00, per user license. See our pricing here.

Business protection Cyber Security

11 lessons

Cyber Security end-user vigilance

12 lessons

Microsoft 365 Attack Simulator

5 lessons

Business protection Cyber Security for IT

9 lessons

Multi-factor Authentication for Office 365 end users

4 lessons

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